About Boss Babes

Boss Babes Boutique is an online women’s boutique that is always carrying the trendiest styles. Our chic and contemporary clothing and accessories are perfect for creating a variety of looks. No matter what your fashion sense is, we know you will find something from our online store that you will love! We are always adding new items to our collections, making it easy to find something different and trendy. No matter what you are looking for, you will find stylish options from Boss Babes Boutique!

At Boss Babes Boutique, we are proud to provide the best styles for each season! You will find everything you need to stay stylish during the summer, holiday outfits that are simply eye-catching, and fall sweaters that are always cute and sexy. No matter what time of year, our online women’s boutique can provide you with what you need to stay trendy and keep your wardrobe updated.

About the Founder

Boss Babes Boutiquee was founded in 2019 by Stephany Soltero; a young and ambitious hardworking 21-year-old. She began her journey as an entrepreneur working out of her bedroom. Not having the space required wasn’t a block on the road for her, she continued expanding her business. She was set to accomplishing her goals and started with as little as 500 dollars, working 3 jobs. She started her small business not having any knowledge and with the lack of resources and help she needed. She slowly started expanding and growing worldwide. She then took the risk of quitting her 9-5 job to solely focus and dedicate all her time to her boutique. Her style was loved by so many stylish women that helped her gain a social media audience. With time her business continued to grow more and more. It hasn’t been an easy journey for her but she continues to push through and tries her best to fulfill her dreams. To this day she continues learning each day more about her business and how to continue expanding and becoming a recognized brand.

Meet the Boss Babes Team

Stephany Soltero


Leslie Contreras


Veronica Quinones


Keisha Borja


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